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Welcome to our website!

We are a small Icelandic breeding and importing farm located in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, about 30 miles southeast of Charlotte.  It's a lovely area of rolling hills, and the weather is suitable for year-round riding.  We specialize in versatile, fun, family horses, who are sound, sane, and easy to love and live with.  All of our horses are barefoot, and can be ridden in a mild snaffle or sidepull.  We use a variety of saddles - whatever fits the horse and is comfortable for the rider is fine with us!  

Please read our introduction to find out a little history about us and our farm.

Read the "About Us" page to see why we fell in love with these horses.

Visit our "Stallion" page to see our wonderful young stallion, Melnir from Unicorn Valley.

Visit our "Photos" page to see how to browse through our photos.  To see some miscellaneous random pictures of the horses and the farm, go to the "Misc." link.

See our Sales page to see any horses we currently have for sale.  If we don't have what you're looking for now, we may have what you want on the way.

Our mares aren't for sale, but we're pleased to show their pictures.  To see their pictures directly, go to Saga, Brunka, Bjola, Flekka, Runa, Maja or Sina.  The 2004 foals pictures are here.

Each gelding has his own photo page: Skjoni, Loftur, Reddi, Kari, Falki, and Trausti.  You can also see a little about Loftur's history on a separate page under our training section.

We don't take in horses for Training but we do start many of ours.  An example of how we work with young or green horses is shown in pictures with Bjola as an example.  Loftur's history page also shows our obstacle course.

I'm not an expert, but some of my thoughts on how much weight a horse should be able to carry are on the Weight Carrying page.

If you'd like to e-mail, call or visit us to learn more about these wonderful creatures, visit our "Contact" page.

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